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17.12.2020 International Symposium, COSMOPOLITAN HABITAT Funded by DAAD

17.12.2020 International Symposium, COSMOPOLITAN HABITAT Funded by DAAD

17.12.2020 International Symposium




With the initiative New European Bauhaus, Europe is accelerating ideas and innovation for manifest change and long-term strategies in its cities to reach the aims of the Green Deal. Cosmopolitan Habitat aims to contribute to this emerging movement from a research perspective, addressing cities as avantgarde in front of global challenges.


How can cities become a new concrete place to invent, explore, test, and live as open community that is able to face global challenges and at the same time to enhance urban inclusiveness and urban economies? Cosmopolitan (from the classic Greek kosmos: world and polites: citizens) Habitat (from Latin: living space) as international dialogue focuses on the city as laboratory of civilisation. Cosmopolitan Habitat is a dialogue for a new paradigm in urbanism in Europe: conceptual models, urban strategies, and spatial practices of the Open and Inclusive City.


Organised by the Institute of Urban Design and Planning (Prof. Jörg Schröder) of Leibniz University Hannover and by the Department of Architecture (Prof. Maurizio Carta) of the University of Palermo, the research project Cosmopolitan Habitat assembles contributions from Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and the US. It includes workshops with master students and colloquia with doctoral candidates.


Cosmopolitan Habitat is funded as by DAAD German Academic Exchange Service, financed by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The International Symposium Cosmopolitan Habitat on 17 December 2020 in Hannover is transferred into a digital format.


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