ITS-Pool (Computer Pools)

The ITS pools are available to students of the Landscape Department as computer workrooms. In parts, courses, exercises etc. are also held here.

The ITS-pools are supervised by student assistants. They are also available to advise users. The individual hiwis have different (advisory) focuses and supervision times.

In order to work in the ITS-pools, a user account is required, which has to be created or activated by the Hiwis (please note the supervision times of the Hiwis). In case of hard- or software problems, please contact the respective hiwis. Depending on your focus, we will try to help you beyond the administrative tasks.

  • Rules for the use of ITS pools

    General rules of use in the ITS pools

    1. The equipment is used exclusively for research and teaching purposes.
    2. The use of file sharing (music / video), installation of own servers, chat etc. are usually not intended for research and teaching. Such use is therefore not permitted.
    3. Any additional network traffic (e.g. for private music / video downloads) causes costs for the university and is also inadmissible.
    4. Abusive use leads - regardless of possible criminal prosecution - to exclusion from the user authorization and may result in claims for damages.
    5. Data protection and copyright laws (copyright) must be observed.
    6. Courses have priority over independent use. The use of the printers is not permitted during ongoing teaching.
    7. Outside of courses, the ITS pool can be used independently. Reservation plans can be found at the entrance or on the Internet. The opening hours of the pool are the same as the opening hours of the building.
    8. Users are prohibited from installing software on the computers themselves.
    9. All laumuser accounts have a limited storage capacity. Repeated exceeding of the storage space quota leads to a two-week access block.
    10. No responsibility is taken for your data or the functionality of the hardware and software.
    11. Deactivated accounts that are not reactivated within the winter semester will be deleted.
    12. The rooms have air conditioning, so please keep doors and windows closed when the air conditioning is running.
    13. The printer can be used for an expense allowance (A4 7 Cent, A3 15 Cent) For larger printouts or colour prints we recommend the computer centre.
    14. When leaving the workplace, the computers must be shut down, the monitors switched off and waste and work materials removed.
  • Programs and equipment in the ITS pools
    • Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Standard
    • Alternative program to Adobe:, Gimp, Inkscape
    • ArcGIS 10
    • Av Atkis 2.0b
    • Biosphere 3D
    • CamStudio
    • Citavi
    • LEO Works
    • Libre Office
    • OpenJump
    • PSPP
    • Vectorworks ArchLand 2011 (free alternative program: Google Sketch-UP)


The administration of the computer pools in the field of architecture is carried out by Malte Weller.