Plotting Service

Plotting Service

Plotting in the faculty

© Foto: Julian Martitz

Three large format inkjet plotters are available for students in the plot room at Herrenhäuser Str. 8. The devices are accessible during the plotting times (see below). Students pay a contribution to the costs.

From now on, the only payment method is the EC card, cashless or usable with PIN. Cash payments are not possible.

Opening hours


Due to the Corona crisis, the plotting service of the faculty is suspended until further notice.



In the lecture period:
Monday through Thursday
9:00 - 12:00

During the semester break:
Tuesday and Thursday
10:00 - 12:00 (or by arrangement)

Please note that e.g. in delivery phases with extended times or due to illness there may be deviations which are usually shown in the daily plot times - see link.


Please contact the student assistants with questions about plotting at

The telephone in the plot room can be reached at +49 511 762 19872 (reachable during the plotting times).

In addition, as the person responsible for coordinating the plot service, you can contact Jost Thome if you have general criticism or suggestions for improving the service.

  • Date inquiry

    Arrange a plotter appointment

    To arrange a plotting appointment please send an e-mail to the address plotten@archland.uni-hannover.de.


    Allgemeine Rahmenbedingungen

    • Each person can only have one appointment per submission phase.
    • The dates are therefore not transferable.
    • Anyone who does not take up an offered appointment loses his or her entitlement.


    Please note the following for e-mail inquiries

    • Appointment requests are processed in the order in which they are received.
    • Appointment requests can only be processed during the working hours of the plot hiwis; normally (Monday to Thursday mornings). So it can take up to four days until an answer is given.
    • The plotting capacities are limited. Not every request can be served.
    • If plotting dates are scheduled, then (logically) fewer plotting orders can be accepted "spontaneously" during opening hours.


    Information in your mail

    • First and last name
    • Desired date
    • Deadline
    • Telephone number for queries
    • Type of assignment (trial plot, final paper, etc.)
    • Scope (number of pages and sheet size)
    • Paper request
  • General conditions

    Decentralized offer (faculty)

    In addition to the central plotting service of the computer centre (see below), students, staff and institutes can also plot directly at the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

    The decentralized offer "Plot Service of the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Architecture" has the following advantages for the faculty:

    • Possibilities for using special paper grades for a special artistic expression
    • Short distances
    • Preservation of the know-how in the entire workflow for plan creation


    Central offer (computer centre)

    Leibniz Universität Hannover offers a printing service centrally (in the computer centre) for the entire university. This service offers a high level of printing services for a small fee for eligible students, staff and institutes in terms of

    • Possible print volume (processing of "many" print jobs)
    • Output quality (High, consistent quality with professional equipment)
    • Availability (opening hours, reliability)

    Information on the central offer can be found on the homepage of the computer centre.

  • contact

    Please contact the student assistants with requests for plotting, who can be reached at the e-mail address plotten@archland.uni-hannover.de.

    Furthermore, as the person responsible for the coordination of the plot service, you can contact Jost Thome if you have general criticism or suggestions for improvement of the service.

    The telephone in the plot room has the number: +49 511 762 19872 (reachable during plot times).