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Scientists for Future - Fakultät erklärt sich solidarisch

Scientists for Future - Faculty declares its solidarity

Warming stripes by Ed Hawkins ~1860 bis 2018

The Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences declares its solidarity with the "Scientists for Future". With this, the Faculty is sending a strong signal to take responsibility and to want to help shape our future living environment in a climate-friendly way.


"The concerns of the demonstrating young people are justified" - this is the headline of a statement by scientists who, under the name "Scientists For Future", support the young people who have been demonstrating for weeks and scientifically confirm their demands for quick action. To date (as of 04.07.2019 ), 26,800 scientists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have already signed the appeal.


LUH has founded the Stud.IP community "LUH for Future", which can be reached via the following link:


The official site of the Scientist for Future is: