reCITYing I Creative Europe Programme

Reactivating urban spaces through architecture and arts: ReCITYing as project in the Creative Europe Programme promotes the regeneration urban spaces and buildings through leveraging the creative potentials of architecture, arts, and urban design. It aims at new cultural expression and impulses for urban spaces to foster social inclusion, accessibility and contributing to the spread of a culture of sustainability. Aimed at young creatives and professionals from architecture, design and arts, policy makers and local social enterprises, ReCITYing creates a networking platform and exchange on reuse practices in a European perspective. Territorial Design and Urban Planning of Leibniz University Hannover cooperates in this project with the Department of Architecture and Design of the University of Genova (coordinator), IAAC Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, UGM Umetnostna Galerija Maribor, and the Association Champ Libre in Montpellier.