Atmospheres in the Urban Anthropocene

International and cross-disciplinary research network

Prof. Dr. Martin Prominski

Atmospheres in the Urban Anthropocene 
International and Cross-disciplinary Research Network is established with the aim to develop an affective-sensory approach to the urban Anthropocene by bridging two strands of research which are hitherto unrelated: 1) research that has investigated the urban and the Anthropocene without much attention to affective and sensory issues, and 2) recent urban and architectural research into atmosphere that has investigated the sensory-affective but most often fails to address the Anthropocene. The relevance for making this bridging is found in recent studies highlighting that the challenges of the Anthropocene include not only changing weather conditions, raising sea levels and diminishing biodiversity, but also the diminishing affective and sensory engagement of people with the urban environment. The network arranges three workshops in distinct climatic and sensory-affective atmospheres: Aarhus, Denmark, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Anchorage, Alaska.



Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond (DFF); Case number: 8047-00075A

Martin Prominski

Tom Nielsen (PI), Aarhus University