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AULET 13 - Beitrag von Federica Scaffidi

AULET 13 - Beitrag von Federica Scaffidi

Social innovation, productive heritage and territorial development

Throughout the last decades, more and more attention in academics and practice has been given to the topics of how we will live together (Venice Architecture Biennale 2021), and how we will create inclusive and sustainable spaces for the future (New European Bauhaus). At the centre of the debate are innovative communities, where social enterprises aim to create socio-cultural benefits and new economic models for better use of local resources over time.

Thanks to the AULET 13 research funding programme, Dr. Federica Scaffidi had the opportunity to develop 20-day research survey in Spain, adopting a qualitative research methodology. The research focused on exploring examples of recycling of neglected productive heritage in Spain and their impact in the urban and territorial surrounding. Exploratory surveys and interviews were carried out in the saltworks of Salinas de Añana, Matadero in Madrid, Real Fábrica de Cristales in La Granja (Segovia) and Real Casa de Moneda in Segovia.

The results of her research will be published in a book by the CICEES publishing house.

Keywords: social innovation, cultural resources, neglect, productive heritage, urban & territorial developmen