FAQ - Hannover as home university

  • I am interested in studying EMiLA. Where can I find more information?

    Please visit the website of our project: www.emila.eu.

    For more specific information on EMiLA with Leibniz Universität Hannover as home institution, please read these FAQ.

  • How can I apply/enrol for EMiLA?

    EMiLA is a specialization within the  "M.Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur" at Leibniz Universität Hannover. The application for EMiLA is made jointly with the application for the M.Sc. Landscape Architecture.

    Please read the latest version of the respective admission requirements („Zulassungsordnung M.Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur“) carefully! 

  • What are the language requirements for studying EMiLA in Hannover?

    As EMiLA is an embedded specialization within the regular “M.Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur” applicants from abroad have to fulfil the German language requirements defined in the respective admission regulations (“Zulassungsordnung für den Master of Science Landschaftsarchitektur”). 

    Additional language skills for EMiLA:

    The University of Edinburgh / Edinburgh College of Art and the Amsterdam University of the Arts / Amsterdam Academy of Architecture do their teaching in English. At the École nationale supérieure du paysage Versailles / Marseille, at the Universitat Polytécnia de Catalunya / Escola Técnica Superior d'Arquitectura à Barcelona / Escola Superior d'Agricultura de Barcelona as well as at Leibniz Universität Hannover, teaching is done in the respective national language. The language of the two joint EMiLA modules is English.

    For admission to the international EMiLA specialization in Hannover, at the time of application applicants must be able to prove English language skills on the B2 reference level, as per Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Applicants wishing to study in Versailles and/or Barcelona, have to prove at least the A2 reference level in French and/or Spanish when applying for studies. The respective documents of proof have to be attached to the application. Upon commencement of studies in the respective country, the B1 (French) or B2 (Spanish) reference level has to be proven for the languages required. The same applies to the languages of alternative locations of study (second choice universities), as the case may be. The schools/universities have agreed on the following language requirements for their guest students:

    Amsterdam University of the Arts / Asterdam Academy of Architecture : All students (home and incoming) should have a command of English at B2 level (CEFR).

    Universitat Polytècinca de Catalunya / Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura à Barcelona / Escola Superior d'Agricultura de Barcelona: Incoming students must have Spanish language skills at level B2 on the CEFR scale.  

    The University of Edinburgh / Edinburgh College of Art: The English language requirements for incoming students are either a IELTS score of 6.5 (with no score lower than 6.0 in each section), or an equivalent in another acceptable test (e.g CPE). This is equivalent to level B2 of the CEFR.

    École nationale supérieure du paysage, Versailles / Marseille: Incoming students who wish to have a placement at ENSP must reach a minimum of B1 (CEFR) in French.

    You must always check the latest EMiLA-Course Handbook for up-to-date information. (see www.emila.eu) and the binding admission regulations (“Zulassungsordnung”) available here

  • How and when do I have to prove the extra language skills for my exchange semesters (Spanish, French)?

    When you apply as EMiLA-student in Hannover you should attach copies of reliable documents to attest your language skills (e.g. a certificate of a language school). These copies do not have to be notarised. If you are in doubt please contact the “Studiendekanat” (Office of Student Affairs); you find the contact information below.

    After you have been accepted as student in Hannover, you will apply with the help of “International Relations” at the chosen exchange-institutions. During this application process, the receiving institution will define if / what kind of certificate you have to deliver. Please contact our colleagues of “International Relations” as soon as possible. You find the contact information below.

  • What if I cannot deliver the language certificates (German, English, others) at the moment of application?

    Please apply nevertheless. If our university selects you as EMiLA-student, you can be accepted on condition of submitting the required document later:

    German and English: You can be accepted on condition of submitting the required documents at the beginning of your studies (April 1st/October 1st)

    Spanish and French: You can be accepted on condition of submitting a certificate on Level A2 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR) at the beginning of your studies (April 1st/October 1st). You have to prove French on level B1 CEFR / Spanish skills on level B2 before leaving to the respective country. Please send this certificate to the Office of Student Affairs (Address see below).

    > Please read the recent admission regulations for the regular Masters in Landscape Architecture (“Zulassungsordnung für den Master of Science Landschaftsarchitektur”) carefully.

  • Is it possible to learn English, Spanish or French at the Leibniz Universität Hannover?

    The “Fachsprachenzentrum” (Applied Linguistics and Special Languages/Leibniz Universität Hannover) offers excellent language courses for students. If you are a Bachelor student in Hannover, you can choose these as optional modules within your “studium generale”. If you need to visit a language course urgently (e.g. for a semester abroad), you can use the form “Bevorzugte Kursteilnahme” (preferential course application). Please apply for the language course course via Stud.IP and hand in the signed form for “Bevorzugte Kursteilnahme” in the “Fachsprachenzentrum”. Further addresses for language courses can be found in the EMiLA Study Handbook and on the Website of the International Office.

  • Is there an additional fee for studying EMiLA?

    No. You are enrolled as regular student at Leibniz Universität Hannover, which means that you pay the regular semester fees. Please check the current amount on www.uni-hannover.de, search for “Semesterbeitrag”.

    During the exchange semesters, you can ask to be exempted from paying these fees (Semesterbeitrag) in Hannover. The host universities/schools of your exchange semester do not charge you any additional fees.

    Concerning possibilities for ERASMUS-funding to support your exchange semesters financially, you should speak in advance or directly after enrolment with our colleagues from “International Relations” of the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences or the “International Office” of Leibniz Universität Hannover. You find the contact data below.

    We always try to find financial support for the 5-10-day EMiLA Summer School in one of the five EMiLA-countries. In any case, we try to keep the cost for our students as low as possible.

  • When do I have to apply for EMiLA in Hannover?

    Application for the M.Sc. in Landscape Architecture with the specialization EMiLA is possible until mid January (for summer term) or mid July (for winter term).

  • Do I have to prove internship before application?

    Yes, you have to prove 4 months internship. For details see the admission regulations for the regular Masters in Landscape Architecture (“Zulassungsordnung für den Master of Science Landschaftsarchitektur”).

  • Is there a numerus clausus / minimum grade to apply for EMiLA?

    The number of places for EMiLA-students per year is limited. Depending on the number of applicants, the minimum grade differs. Together with the grade of your Bachelor’s degree, the quality of your supporting documents such as the portfolio, letter of motivation etc. is relevant for the success of your application.

  • Currently I am a Bachelor-student in Landscape Architecture. After my studies, I aim to apply for EMiLA with the home institution Hannover. How can I prepare in advance?

    To be accepted as EMiLA student, you should be skilled in the field of landscape architectural design. You should strengthen your skills in this field to present a design-oriented profile, showing different scales and topics. Language skills are important, too. You should start as early as possible to improve your English skills and/or learn another language for your exchange semesters.

  • My application for EMiLA at Leibniz Universität Hannover was successful. What are the next steps?

    Please follow the steps described in the “Leitfaden für EMiLA-Studierende”, which you will receive after successful application of on request at emila@laum.uni.hannover.de

  • During the course of studies: What happens if it is not possible for me to receive 30 ECTS in each exchange semester?

    Altogether, the EMiLA program consists of 120 ECTS, which are normally 30 per semester: 30 ECTS during your first semester in Hannover, and 30 ECTS in each of the two exchange semesters, and 30 ECTS for your Master thesis in your fourth semester back in Hannover.

    If you cannot deliver 30 ECTS in each exchange semester but still want to finish the EMiLA-curriculum, you have to obtain at least 15 ECTS in each of the two exchange institutions. These must include the “EMiLA Summer School” and the “EMiLA e-learning”. The missing ECTS can be obtained back in Hannover. This means that you will need more than four semesters to finish your studies.

    If you have received less than 15 ECTS per exchange semester and/or did not study the two EMiLA-modules, you cannot receive an EMiLA-certificate. In this case, you have the possibility of finishing your studies in the regular M.Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur in Hannover (see next question).

    > Please check the latest version of the respective examination regulations (“Prüfungsordnung”)!

  • What if I decide halfway that I do not want to study abroad any longer or what if I fail during my exchange semesters?

    In this case, you can still finish your studies in Hannover to receive a regular Masters  degree (M.Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur). ECTS obtained at other EMiLA institutions will be transcribed. To receive a regular M.Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur you have to accomplish the modules defined in the regular course of studies.

  • Can I decide to study longer than four semesters?

    This is possible. For example, you plan to study two semesters in Hannover first, followed by two semesters in each a different school/university of the network and return for your final semester to Hannover. Or you decide to have two semesters instead of one semester in Hannover after you have returned home from the exchanges. If you know this in advance, please point it out in your application.

    > If you plan to stay longer at one of the other universities, please contact: The EMiLA Coordinator Prof. Dr. Martin Prominski, the faculty’s International Relations, and the Erasmus Departmental Coordinator Dr. Frank Scholles as soon as possible. This is necessary as this may lead to changes in your Learning agreement, the availability of your second placement and your possible Erasmus+ scholarship