FAQ - Hannover as host university for one semester

  • I study EMiLA in one of the other four institutions and plan to stay one semester in Hannover. What do I have to do to enrol as exchange student at the Leibniz Universität?

    After the responsible coordinator of your home university selected you, you have to apply online at Leibniz Universität Hannover. With or without ERASMUS funding, as EMiLA-student you follow the same procedure as an ERASMUS incoming student.

    >> It absolutely necessary to register online on the website of the International Office of Leibniz Universität Hannover – After this, the documents have to be signed by the coordinator of your home university and sent to us! The application/nomination has to reach us by the 30th of April for the following winter-semester and by the 15th November for the following summer-semester! Please go to  www.international.uni-hannover.de <<

  • Which level of German do I have to prove?

    Most of the subjects in Hannover are taught in German. Incoming students must have German language skills at level B1 on the CEFR scale (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), which you have to prove at the moment of application.

    If you are flexible in the choice of the modules, we can try to select some modules with English speaking teachers. In most studios, communication and products in English are possible.

  • How do I select the courses I want to study in Hannover?

    The EMiLA Study Handbook describes all modules for EMiLA students. It also gives additional information concerning the studios. Please download it on www.emila.eu

    In cooperation with the coordinator of your home institution, you will fill in a “Learning Agreement” which defines the courses you will study in Hannover. This document, signed by the responsible person of your home institution, has to be attached to the application. After your arrival in Hannover, please go to Dr. Frank Scholles who is our ERASMUS Departmental coordinator and has to countersign the Learning Agreement.

  • What happens if I want to change courses after arrival?

    You can still change the modules. These changes have to be accepted and signed by the coordinator of your home institution and countersigned by Dr. Frank Scholles. You should arrange this as soon as possible.

  • How will the modules I have studied in Hannover be transmitted to my home institution?

    After your arrival, you should give each of the teachers a “Course Certificate” to document your grade at the end of the course. Ask the teacher to send it to “International Relations” of our Faculty. Before you leave Hannover, make sure that everything is complete! Finally, a summarizing “Transcript of Records” with all your grades will be sent to your home institution.

    >> You find all information concerning the procedure and documents on the Website of the International Office of Leibniz Universität Hannover. Please go to  www.international.uni-hannover.de <<

  • When should I arrive in Hannover?

    Lectures start at app. midmonth April and midmonth October. All semester dates are available here:

    The list shows “semester length” and “lecture period”. You should be there at least one week before the lectures start.  Between the end of the “lecture period” and the end of the semester, some examinations and documentations of the projects will be finished.

  • How to find accommodation in Hannover?

    Please have a look at the EMiLA Course Handbook and the Website of the International Office.