Impressions from the faculty

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Creative Food Cycles
Pop-Up Workshop

May 23-24-25/2019 | The international cooperation "Creative Food Cycles" takes a holistic approach to identifying new materials and rituals related to the food cycle. Prof. Johan Bettum (architect and director of the Städelschule Frankfurt) also demonstrated the complexity of this topic in his guest lecture.

tuesdays at 6
inaugural lecture Prof. Tim Rieniets

May 21st 2019 | Inaugural lecture by Prof. Tim Rieniets, Institute of Design and Urban Planning, Department of Urban and Spatial Development, as part of the public lecture series tuesdays at 6 on "The fourth dimension of urban space - on the innovative capacity of our cities and the role of architecture and urban planning".

jung & schön
CBAG.Studio, Saarlouis/Berlin

May 15th 2019 | The lecture series of the archives on Wednesday 15.05.2019 with the architectural office CBAG.Studio. Guests Christina Beaumont and Achim Gergen in exchange with students of the faculty of architecture and landscape.

Photos: Julian Martitz