Modelling Workshop

sawing, grinding, building

© Foto: Julian Martitz

The model making workshop in the basement of the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape (Herrenäuser Str. 8) will be supervised by Thilo Ott in the summer semester 2024.

It is available to students and all members of the faculty with professional supervision and extensive mechanical equipment.


Opening hours

Monday: 06:30 - 16:00

Tuesday: 06:30 - 13:30

Wednesday: 06:30 - 10:30 and 13:00 - 16:00

Thursday: 06:30 - 09:00 and 16:00 - 18:00

Friday: 06:30 - 17:00

Saturday: possible by prior arrangement

Sunday: closed

  • workshop machines

    The workshop is equipped with the basic carpentry machines. There is a sliding table saw, a band saw, a plate / band grinder, box column drills, a bench router and a combined thickness/ surface planer. The necessary protective equipment (hearing protection, protective goggles, masks, etc.) is available.

    Hand machines

    There is a wide range of electric hand machines that can be used in the workshop, such as cordless screwdrivers, orbital sanders, triangular sanders, jigsaws, etc.

    Small machines

    A number of small machines are available: small circular saws, band saws, scroll saws and a crosscut saw. For styrodur processing there are two Styrocut machines No. 3 with complete equipment and one Styrocut machine No. 2 as well as several Thermocuts from Proxxon.

    Tools of the trade

    There is a basic set of tools for model making: cutting mats, rulers, cutters, clamps - and also the usual carpenter tools such as hammers, pliers, saws, chisels, files, angles, screwdrivers, drills, clamps, etc.


    Basically, the users of the model workshop have to procure and bring along the material needed for their work themselves.

    However, there is a wide range of consumables available for use, such as glue, glue, screws, sandpaper, wooden dowels, etc.

    It is possible to work or have worked on certain solid woods by arrangement.

    Of other materials (boards, styrodur, styrofoam, ...) only small parts - "leftovers" - are available for free use.


    About 20 workplaces are available in a room separated from the machine room, plus two small workbenches.

    Machine usage

    The small machines can be used by all users of the model workshop after introduction. The joinery machines may only be used independently after presentation of a machine certificate and an introduction and in the presence of the workshop manager. A copy of the machine licence (TSM / skilled worker certificate) must be presented.

  • machine certificate

    A machine licence valid exclusively for the use of the machines in the model workshop can be made in the workshop after consultation with the workshop manager.

    According to the regulations of the professional associations, the operating personnel (in our case the students) must be instructed on the machines that are used. This instruction must be repeated annually. This applies both to people who work with these machines on a daily basis from their professional lives and to students who use them only occasionally. Accordingly, students who have learned the profession of carpenter/woodworker are not exempt from this regulation.

    Accident prevention regulations of the HOLZ-BERUFSGENOSSENSCHAFT

    Principles of prevention (BGV A 1) of 1 January 2004

    § 4 - Instruction of the insured persons

    (1) The employer shall instruct the insured persons on safety and health protection at work, in particular on the hazards associated with their work and the measures to prevent them, in accordance with section 12(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and, in the case of temporary employment, in accordance with section 12(2) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act; the instruction shall be repeated if necessary, but at least once a year; it shall be documented.

    (2) The employer shall provide the insured persons with the contents of the applicable accident prevention regulations and BG rules as well as the relevant state rules and regulations relevant to their field of work or activity in a comprehensible manner.

  • lending

    A number of small machines can be rented.

    The following are available

    • Thermocut-Maschinen
    • small circular saws (Proxxon KS 230 und Proxxon FKS/E)
    • Cordless screwdriver
    • further small machines after arrangement

    The machines are loaned to a specific person for a limited period of time. The return date must be strictly observed. The machines may not be passed on to third parties. There is only a limited number of devices available, which may cause bottlenecks. Advance reservations are therefore advisable.