Lunchtime Lectures - Emerging Research

Lunchtime Lectures - Emerging Research

14.12.2022, 12–14:00, Foyer Herrenhäuser Str. 8


The Lunchtime Lectures are a platform to present and discuss emerging research ideas and concepts in the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape. We invite all in the faculty to join!




Bignia Wehrli

Institute of Arts and Technology in Architecture


Alissa Diesch

Institute of Urban Design and Planning


Carolin Koopmann

Institute of Architectural Design


Shaofang Wang

Institute of Building Construction


Lars Laurenz

Institute of History and Theory of Architecture


Frank Peters

Institute of Vocational Education in Building


Leonie Wiemer

Institute of Landscape Architecture


Felix Brennecke

Institute of Open Space Planning


Manuel Beißler

Institute of Environmental Planning



Dr. Federica Scaffidi, for the Dean for Resarch