Integrated Technologies

The research line deals with technology at three stages of Future Habitats: design of buildings and places, fabrication and rearrangement of material, and operation and energy flow. It subscribes to a digital understanding of technology, where hard- and software is easily linked and networked. By fully embracing technology it strives for integrating it holistically. This approach allows to overcome traditional interfaces between design and construction, nature and infrastructure, digital and material domain. The research associated with the cluster looks on the one hand at individually relevant and innovative technologies such as autonomous robots. On the other hand, it designs novel processes which integrate formally unconnected domains such as environmental monitoring devices with private infrastructure.

More concretely stakeholders in the cluster do research in the areas of: kinetic and animated building elements and materials (Michael Schumacher), machine-vision based classification and design with non-standard building materials (Tobias Nolte), design and construction with small on-site robots (Mirco Becker) smart water management of green roofs (Gilbert Lösken).