Cutting Plotter

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In the faculty a cutting plotter of the company ZÜND (type M-1600) is available for students. This machine can be used to process a wide variety of materials.

The cutting plotter room is located in the basement of building 4201 (Herrenhäuser Str. 8) / wing D opposite the model building workshop.

Opening hours

Monday through Friday
10:00 to 11:30

In the event of last-minute changes to opening hours, please refer to the notices on the door.

  • Information on order preparation

    1. the drawing should be in a frame of the size of the material to be processed The maximum machining size is 1600 x 1300 mm.


    3. double lines are also processed twice and should therefore be avoided.

    4. file format DXF and vectorized PDF. Please note: a separate file must be saved / exported for each plate to be processed. Tip: If you want to be on the safe side, you should export the created PDF again with Illustrator. This way you can also check your layer structure!

    5. file name name_material_strength_processing types
    e.g. Mustermann_Finnpappe_1mm_cutting+drawing

    6. milling distance to the material edge 10 mm. Distance between the parts at least 20 mm. Minimum size of the parts 600 mm². Please note: Inner corners always get a radius!

    7. cutting distance to the edge of the material 5 mm. For cardboard up to 2.5 mm the following applies: line distance at least 2 mm. Minimum size of the pieces 10 mm². For cardboard from 3 mm applies: Line spacing at least 10 mm. Minimum size of the parts 400 mm²

    8. please hand in your cardboards only together with the prepared file and leave a note with your name, e-mail and telephone number This is the only way we can process your orders reliably.


    Special wishes

    Should you have any special wishes regarding the processing or you would like to order large format plates, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Please note that in these cases a longer processing time may occur. This is especially true for orders of 20 or more boards.

    At the end of the semester you should allow for a 5-day waiting period, 14 days for extensive/special assignments.

  • Permitted materials

    The machine is equipped with different tools. Depending on the material, the appropriate tool is selected. Possible materials are e.g. finn board, grey board, corrugated board, screen printing board, F-board, MDF, acrylic glass, felt and many more.

    Cardboards up to 2.5 mm
    thick are cut with a pneumatically driven knife. With this knife also very fine contours can be cut.

    Cardboards from 3 mm
    thickness are cut with a mechanically guided knife (except corrugated board). With this knife rough contours can be cut.

    Wood and plastics are processed with a milling cutter. The milling cutters have a diameter of 4 mm or 6 mm. With this, plates up to 20 mm thick can be processed.

    All materials (except fabrics) can be drawn on with a guided pen.

  • Prices

    Kopie 6)

    1 minute of machine time costs 50 cents.

  • contact

    We are at your disposal for any questions!