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European Master in Landscape Architecture (EMiLA)

European Master in Landscape Architecture (EMiLA)

 Information about the study programme

  • General Information on the Study Programme

    International networks are becoming increasingly important for budding landscape architects. Studying abroad offers the opportunity to get to know the working methods of other universities, to discover new countries, to make international friends and to build up professional networks - even beyond the course of study. Many landscape architecture firms are internationally oriented and work on cross-border or international projects and competitions. This work requires special qualifications.

    Five of Europe's leading universities in the field of landscape architecture offer a joint master's programme, the "European Master in Landscape Architecture (EMiLA)". The network consists of The University of Edinburgh / Edinburgh College of Art, the École Nationale supérieure du paysage Versailles/Marseilles of the Amsterdam University of the Arts / Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, the Universitat Polytècnica de Catalunya/Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura à Barcelona and the Leibniz Universität Hannover. From 2011 to 2013, this programme was financially supported by the European Union within the framework of the "Lifelong Learning Programme".

    Every year, 5 students from this university are given the opportunity to study at a different university in the network in the 2nd and 3rd semester. The 1st semester and the master thesis in the 4th semester are completed at the home university.

    In addition to the unique opportunity to develop an individual profile by choosing the universities attended, two EMiLA modules offer special qualifications for a later professional career in an international context: An e-learning module, which is taken by EMiLA students from all five universities in the 2nd semester, offers specific knowledge of European landscape architecture. A further module is the Summer School, which takes place in the 3rd semester, where the 25 EMILA students and lecturers from the five universities meet to work together on topics of European relevance. International guests from the USA or Asia or other European countries bring new perspectives. These workshops have already taken place in Hamburg (D), on the Orkney Islands (UK), in Drenthe (NL), in Catalonia (ES), in Haute Normandy (FR), in Middle Ammerland (D) and in Edinburgh (UK).


    For questions please contact the Dean of Studies or Prof. Dr. Martin Prominski.

    Further information can also be found on the joint EMiLA network website at .

  • Course of Studies
  • Qualification and Degree

    (KOPIE 5)

    [Translate to English:] Das Curriculum qualifiziert Absolventinnen und Absolventen insbesondere für  internationale Berufsfelder im Bereich der Landschaftsarchitektur. Der Zusammenschluss von fünf international renommierten Hochschulen gewährleistet eine herausragende Ausbildung im Fach Landschaftsarchitektur. Die Zusammenarbeit ermöglicht den Aufbau eines dauerhaften europaweiten Netzwerks, auch weit über das Studium hinaus.

    Allen Hochschulen ist die Fokussierung auf den landschaftsarchitektonischen Entwurf gemeinsam. Die Projektarbeit steht im Mittelpunkt des Studiums, wobei die EMiLA-Studierenden von den Stärken der einzelnen Hochschulen profitieren können. Die Leibniz Universität Hannover arbeitet in den Entwurfsprojekten und der Lehre an der Schnittstelle von Forschung und Entwurf. Die Projekte und Module der École Nationale supérieure du paysage Versailles/Marseille arbeiten an dem Herausarbeiten der Spezifik des Ortes mit einer besonderen Stärke im Bereich der darstellerischen Umsetzung. The University of Edinburgh / Edinburgh College of Art stellt in ihrer Ausbildung eine enge Verbindung zwischen Landschaftsarchitektur und Kunst her. Die Amsterdam University of Arts / Amsterdam Acadey of Architecture kombiniert die Lehre mit einer parallelen berufspraktischen Tätigkeit der Studierenden im Büro. Die Universitat Polytècnica de Catalunya / Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura à Barcelona / Escola Superior d'Agricultura de Barcelona verfügt über eine lange Erfahrung in der Gestaltung des öffentlichen urbanen Freiraums.

    Das zwischen den Hochschulen abgestimmte Curriculum ist an der Leibniz Universität Hannover als Vertiefungsrichtung in den bestehenden Masterstudiengang Landschaftsarchitektur eingebettet. Auf dem Abschlusszeugnis für den M.Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur wird zusätzlich die Vertiefungsrichtung „European Master in Landscape Architecture (EMiLA)“ ausgewiesen.

  • Application and Admission

    The application for EMiLA is submitted together with the application for the M.Sc. in Landscape Architecture. Interested students must write the entire letter of motivation in English and explain the specific talents and interests that make them particularly suitable for the specialisation. Interested parties must make it clear whether they wish to study EMiLA only or whether they wish to be considered for the M.Sc. in Landscape Architecture if they are not considered for EMiLA. Notification of the success of the EMiLA application will be given at the same time as the notification for the Master of Landscape Architecture.

    In addition, paragraph (2) of the letter of motivation should state at which two universities of the EMiLA network the applicant wishes to study (first and second wish). The admissions committee decides on the selection and order of the universities visited.

    In addition to the written application, applicants for the specialisation EMiLA must submit a CD with pdf files of all application documents (max. size per file 4MB).

  • Language Skills

    The University of Edinburgh / Edinburgh College of Art and the Amsterdam University of Arts / Amsterdam Academy of Architecture teach in English. The École nationale supérieure du paysage Versailles / Marseille, the Universitat Polytècnia de Catalunya / Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura à Barcelona / Escola Superior d'Agricultura de Barcelona and the Leibniz Universität Hannover teach in their respective languages. The language of the two joint EMiLA modules is English.

    A prerequisite for access to the international specialisation EMiLA is that interested parties must be able to prove English language skills at level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) at the time of application. Candidates wishing to study in Versailles and/or Barcelona must provide proof of at least level A2 in French and/or Spanish at the time of application. Until the start of studies in the respective country, proof of language level B1 (French) or B2 (Spanish) must be provided for the required languages. The same applies to the languages of the study locations possibly mentioned as alternatives. These proofs have to be enclosed with the application. Irrespective of this, the requirements for German language skills as defined in the Admission Regulations apply to applicants from abroad.

  • Funding

    ERASMUS+ and PROMOS scholarships offer funding opportunities for stays abroad in the 2nd and 3rd semester. EMiLA students will be given preferential treatment when the Erasmus+ scholarships are awarded. Applicants must apply for these scholarships immediately after the start of their studies in Hannover, with support from the relevant LUH institutions. Information on individual support is available from the International Relations Office of the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences and the International Office of Leibniz Universität Hannover.



  • FAQ: Studying EMiLA in Hanover

    Thank you for your interest in the EMiLA programme of studies! Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning EMiLA in Hannover, both for future home and guest students. Please read it carefully. This document does not replace or influence the respective regulations, as e.g. admission or examination regulations.

    If you should not find the answer you need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Persons

The programme coordinators are there to help you with advice and assistance in planning and designing your studies.

Dipl.-Ing. Sonja Nollenberg
Programme Coordinator
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Herrenhäuser Str. 2a
30419 Hannover
Susana Dänzer Barbosa, M.A.
Administrative/Technical Staff
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