Teaching Profession at Vocational Schools (Master of Education)

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  • Internships

    For the completion of the two consecutive courses of study, proof of two internships is required:

    • a practical professional activity, and
    • a specialized internship at vocational schools.

    Practical work

    To qualify for the Master's degree in Teaching at Vocational Schools, practical work experience has to be proven by a completed vocational training course related to a specific field or by subject-related internships of at least 52 weeks. Proof of this practical work must be submitted by the time of registration for the Master's thesis module (Master's thesis and oral examination). Further details can be found in the information sheet on the proof of practical work experience.

    If no completed vocational training is available, the practical work should be planned and completed as early as possible. If the internship is divided into several sections, the individual blocks must each have a duration of at least four weeks.

    Contact person for practical work in the three fields at the Institute for Professional Studies in Civil Engineering is:

    K. Littmann (preferably by appointment by e-mail or Wednesday 09:30-11:00)

    Forms of professional practice

    Forms and further information on regulations and forms for these degree programmes can be found on the pages of the Leibniz School of Education.

    Subject Internship

    In the Bachelor's degree course in Technical Education, a compulsory internship (school practical studies or professional practical studies) must be completed. Further information on regulations and forms for these internships can be found on the website of the Leibniz School of Education.

    In the master's degree course in teaching at vocational schools, a further specialist internship must be completed.

    It's made up of:

    • 4 weeks internship in the professional field and
    • 2 weeks of practical training in the subject.

    The specialist internship takes place at schools in the vocational education and training sector as a block internship during the lecture-free period or during the semester. The IBW offers an accompanying and preparatory event in the winter semester.

  • Information sheets for theses

    The following information sheets are part of the methodological supervision of the Bachelor theses.

    They serve to clarify how a work is structured and how the structure is to be handled in Word - a document template is also provided for this purpose.

    For experimental work, the basic principles of statistical test evaluation and instructions for their processing in the spreadsheet are provided.

    Finally, the notes on presentation techniques are intended for the obligatory presentation of the bachelor thesis at IBW.